Membership Frequently Asked Questions

We hope to save you time by answering some of the most frequently asked questions about membership below. If you do not find the answers you're looking for, contact the membership department at 415.345.6810 or

How long will it take for my membership card(s) to arrive?

It may take up to two weeks for your membership card(s) to arrive to your home by mail. If your membership was purchased online and you would like immediate access to the museum, please print out your temporary membership card—which is attached to your confirmation e-mail—and bring it directly to the gallery entrance. 

Do I need to pick up tickets each time I visit the museum?

Members do not need admission tickets; simply show your valid membership card and a valid photo ID at the gallery entrance for immediate entry into the main galleries.

Do I need tickets for special exhibitions?

As a member, you can show your membership card for access to all exhibitions in the theater gallery and some exhibitions in the Diane Disney Miller Exhibition Hall. If a ticket is required for a specific special exhibition, you will be notified prior to the exhibition's opening.

Do I need to show identification when I show my membership card?

Yes. When you enter the museum, a valid photo ID will be required to confirm you are the membership card holder. Valid photo ID must also be presented for your store discount.

Who can use my membership card?

Membership cards are non-transferable and can only be used by the person whose name is on the card. Membership cards grant free unlimited admission into the galleries for you and, depending on the level of membership, a number of guests. Member and guest limitations are printed on your membership card. A valid photo ID is required when using your personalized membership card.

What happens if I lose my membership card?

If a valid membership card is lost, a one-time use ticket will be issued to you. If you are unable to locate your membership card in time for your next visit, a replacement card may be issued for $5. This fee will be charged for every additional replacement card issued.

Do my guests also receive free admission on my membership?

All membership levels include admission for guests; the number of guests allowed is determined by your membership level. Guest limitations are printed on your membership card.

  • Individual/Senior/Student/Dual: one guest
  • Family/Friend/Supporter: two guests and up to four youth (ages 17 and under)

Children 5 years and under are always complimentary.

What if I have more guests?

Additional guest tickets may be purchased at $4 off admission price per ticket. Visit the ticket desk to purchase tickets.

What membership level has more than one card holder?

There are two named card holders with Dual, Family, Friend, and Supporter membership levels.

Can I add a card on my membership named “Guest”?

Memberships are assigned to individual names that appear on the membership card and cannot be changed or transferred. No “Guest” cards are allowed.

Can I purchase a gift membership?

Yes, gift memberships are available for purchase. You may obtain a membership as a gift at any level in person at the ticket desk or by calling the membership line 415.345.6810. Gift memberships are also available online. As a thank you, existing members receive a one-month extension on their current membership for each gift membership purchased. This offer is good all year.

Do I need to accompany my guests using my VIP tickets?

VIP passes may be redeemed for one-time use and you do not need to be present. If VIP tickets are lost they will not be replaced; tickets have no cash value and no expiration date.

How long are memberships valid?

Memberships are valid for one year from purchase and are renewable annually.

Can I upgrade my membership to a higher level?

Yes. You may upgrade during the first nine months of your membership. You will receive the full value of your membership; depending on the date of renewal/upgrade, the membership will be extended for a year from the expiration date.

Are memberships tax deductible?

The amount of the contribution that is deductible for federal income tax purposes is limited to the excess of any money (and the value of any property other than money) contributed by the donor over the fair market value of goods or services provided by the museum. A good faith estimate of the fair market value of the goods or services will be provided with the receipt of membership dues.

Who is included in a Family membership?

Family membership is for two named adults and allows two guests and up to four youth ages 17 and under unlimited free admission. 

Do you offer lifetime memberships?

Lifetime memberships are not available at this time.

Can I receive a refund for my membership?

No, a membership with functions as a tax-deductible donation to the museum and is not eligible for a refund.

I renewed my membership; why am I still receiving notices?

Due to processing time, some materials will cross paths in the mail. This should subside once you receive your card(s). If it does not, please call 415.345.6810.

What are Time Travelers, NARM, and ROAM reciprocal memberships?

Time Travelers is a free reciprocal membership network for historical sites and museums throughout the United States. The Missouri History Museum created the program in 1998 so that members of historical institutions could receive exclusive benefits and privileges at museums and historical sites nationwide. Currently, the Time Travelers program includes over 250 organizations in more than 40 states across the country. Members of these organizations can receive a variety of exclusive benefits and privileges. For current list of participants, visit This benefit is included in all membership and donor levels.

The North American Museum (NARM) Association is an affiliation of arts and cultural institutions across North America. Individuals who join a participating NARM institution can receive free admission/discounts at over 650 institutions. For current list of participants, visit This benefit is included in Family level memberships and above.

Reciprocal Organization of Associated Museums (ROAM) was created in February of 2013 to fill a need among museums and their members: a free reciprocal network that connects world-class institutions for the benefit of our members. Formed by a group of museum membership professionals, ROAM is built to work for everyone and museums of all sizes and types. The list of participating ROAM museums is growing every day! For current list of participants, visit This benefit is included in Family level memberships and above.

How will I get my free subscription to the Member magazine?

The member magazine will be mailed to the address affiliated with your membership. The magazine is for members only. If you do not receive your copy, please call 415.345.6810.

How do I get the members only enews?

The enews is sent to the email address affiliated with your membership. Make sure the enews doesn’t go to your SPAM folder by giving permission to

How do I unsubscribe from ecommunications?

We're sorry to see you go, but if you no longer wish to receive e-communications, you can unsubscribe by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of our e-mails.

Who gets magazines and emails?

The member magazine and enews will be sent only to the main membership contact.

What if I move or change my email address or phone number?

Let us know as soon as possible so you won’t miss out on any member communications. You can update these details online, or by calling 415.345.6810 or emailing

How do I get my museum store discount?

Show your membership card during check-out to receive your discount

How do I get monthly film screenings tickets?

Just show your membership card at the ticket desk to receive your free tickets.

Is there a limit of how many free admissions to the monthly film screenings?

The film screening admission is the same number of admissions as your general admission. Free film tickets are available at the ticket desk; ask for your tickets when you arrive. Check for upcoming schedules and exceptions.

How much is the member discount on ticketed programs and events?

The discount varies, but typically it is $2 to $5 off the full ticket price. Check for upcoming schedules.

When will I know about film screenings, programs, and events?

Programs, events, and special film screenings are announced through enews and on the museum website. You may call to purchase tickets, purchase your tickets online, or in-person at the ticket desk.

When do quarterly programs and events go on sale?

Ticket sale dates are scheduled as follows:

  • Programs scheduled January 1 through March 31 go on sale date: November 15 at 10am PST
  • Programs scheduled April 1 through June 30 go on sale date: February 15 at 10am PST
  • Programs scheduled July 1 through September 30 go on sale date: May 15 at 10am PST
  • Programs scheduled for October 1 through December 31 go on sale date: August 15 at 10am PST

What at the policies for purchasing program tickets and events? Is there a limit to the number of tickets that I can purchase?

Ticket Purchase Policies
No refunds and no exchanges. (See Donate Program or Event Tickets section below.)

There is a limit of six* tickets available for purchase per household, unless otherwise stated, for any ticketed program or event, including non-paid ticketed programs and events. The museum reserves the right to void tickets purchased in excess of this limit.
*In some instances, the museum will impose lower limits based on capacity of venue and/or special considerations.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of programs events at the museum, tickets often sell out quickly. The museum does not collect waitlists for programs or events; however, if tickets to a sold-out program or event become available, they will be released for purchase on the museum’s website at 10am the day before the event.

May I return the tickets I purchased if I cannot attend a program or event?

Donate Program or Event Tickets
If you have purchased tickets to a program or event and you are not able to attend, you can now donate your tickets back to the museum for resale. You may donate your tickets until 10am two days before the program or event and receive a record of your tax-deductible contribution equivalent to the ticket price. To donate your tickets back, please send an email to indicating the confirmation number for the original ticket purchase. You will be sent a donation receipt via email once your unused tickets have been accepted for donation back to the museum.

Please note the museum is not able to accept tickets for donation after 10am two days prior to the program or event. We cannot accept donations of tickets over the phone or in person.

Where are the program, event, and monthly film screenings website listings?

These are listed on our calendar Dates and times are subject to change without notice; call to confirm the film of the month dates and times.

When is the museum open?

The museum is open daily, except every Tuesday, January 1, Thanksgiving Day, and December 25, from 10am to 6pm with the last gallery admission at 4:45pm. The museum closes early on December 24 and 31, check for details.

What are the hours for the Museum Store and café?

The store and cafe are open the same hours as the museum and do not require paid admission for entrance.