Stories of Voice Acting with Tony Anselmo and Bill Farmer

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    Sat, Jun 3 | 3pm
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In this special program, hear from two esteemed Disney Legends, voice actors Tony Anselmo and Bill Farmer, who will share their stories of becoming their well-loved characters, Donald Duck and Goofy. Learn how each actor found their voices, how they honor the actors who originally played the character, the process by which they record their parts, and tales of working alongside other legendary animators and voice actors at The Walt Disney Studios.

About the Speakers

Tony Anselmo

Growing up in Northern California, Tony Anselmo was inspired by the first movie he ever saw, Mary Poppins. As a boy, he began drawing and making animated films using his Super 8 camera. His drawings earned him a full Disney Family Fellowship to CalArts, Walt Disney's fabled art school that has bred many successful Disney artists. Anselmo began his studies in the Character Animation Department, which was headed by Jack Hannah, who was director of the unit that produced Donald Duck shorts under Walt. Anselmo was selected to transfer to The Walt Disney Studios after his second year at CalArts and began work in the Animation department in 1980 directly under Eric Larson, one of Walt's Nine Old Men. As a highly-skilled animator, he has worked on nearly every traditionally animated Disney feature film since 1980. However, it was his close relationship with Clarence Nash, the original voice of Donald Duck, which would eventually lead to Anselmo’s second career behind the microphone as Donald’s voice. Upon Clarence’s passing in 1985, Anselmo became the second person to voice this cherished character. In 1989, Anselmo became the first person to both animate and voice Donald Duck for the 50th annual Academy Awards®, and has delighted audiences with Donald’s comedic antics ever since. In his youth, Anselmo began collecting Disney collectables and ephemera, and is known for his comprehensive collection of movie posters from each of Walt Disney's films. This expertise resulted in a 2002 art book, The Disney Poster Book featuring the Collection of Tony Anselmo. Anselmo was nominated for an Annie Award for Voice Acting in a Feature Presentation for his work as Donald Duck in Mickey, Donald, and Goofy: The Three Musketeers, and in 2009, Anselmo was named a Disney Legend. A longtime supporter of The Walt Disney Family Museum, Anselmo and co-presenter Bill Farmer performed together as Donald and Goofy at the museum’s 2015 gala.

Bill Farmer

For decades, audiences of all ages have enjoyed the standout work of Bill Farmer in vehicles and venues as diverse as his talents—from clubs to conventions, broadcasts to podcasts, and TV screens to movie screens. What began in the standup comedy clubs of America’s heartland has become one of the most colorful careers in Hollywood, with a seemingly endless list of live and recorded performances engaging fans of every demographic. While Farmer has famously performed as the official voice of Disney’s Goofy and Pluto since 1986, his sterling voice-acting resume includes thousands of leading and supporting roles in film, television, advertising, consumer products, and more. For his unparalleled body of animation-voice work with such leading studios as Disney, Pixar, Warner Brothers, Universal, and MGM, Farmer became the first voice actor to receive the prestigious Friz Freleng Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Animation. Equally distinguished is the immortalizing Disney Legend Award, which Farmer received in 2009. Further adding to Farmer’s many honors is an Emmy® nomination for his memorable performances in the hit animated series “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” Currently in production is The 7D, a Disney-animated TV series conceived as an irreverent prequel to the landmark film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which features Farmer in the role of Doc. Never straying from his comedy roots, Farmer—and his more than 100 celebrity impressions and dialects—continues to thrill audiences with standup routines at clubs and corporate events, and through his monthly improvisational performance with Fred Willard’s sketch-comedy group, The MoHo’s, at Hollywood’s Second City Theater. To help others reach their performance potential, Farmer teaches voice-acting students, produces voice-actor demos, and offers private coaching through his own production company, Toonhouse, Inc. Farmer and co-presenter Tony Anselmo performed together as Donald and Goofy at the museum’s 2015 gala.

Stories of Voice Acting with Tony Anselmo and Bill Farmer
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