Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Open 10am - 6pm
  • SUMMER CLASS | The Heroine’s Journey

    July 18th | 9am

    Take an incredible journey through the process of creating strong female characters while learning about being a woman in the animation industry today. In this two-week class, students will design their…

  • SUMMER CLASS | Digital 2D Animation

    July 18th | 9am

    Join us for this two-week intensive class that focuses on 2D digital animation. Learn how to take a character and see them come to life using classical, hand-drawn animation skills, then create your…

  • FILM | The Jungle Book (1967)

    July 18th | 1pm

    After being raised by wolves, Mowgli’s fun-filled life in the jungle is about to change. Join Mowgli as he encounters a few new friends, including a carefree bear, a herd of regimented elephants,…

  • FILM | Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier (1955)

    July 18th | 3pm

    Celebrate the King of the Wild Frontier and relive the story of a real-life American hero who inspired an entire generation. Experience Walt Disney’s vision of the Old West that celebrates the daring…

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Schedule subject to change. Please check calendar or ticket desk on the day of your visit for most current schedule.